Bruno Rocha's Projects

Bruno Rocha's Projects

Here you can find a (mostly) complete list of my public personal projects and open source contributions! Since I have a bunch of projects and contributions that are either not available anymore or just outright not interesting, you'll find that the list is filtered to contain only relevant/notable entries.

Apps / Products

  • SwiftRocks: The website you're reading right now!
  • Burnout Buddy: App Blocker for iOS that I created to reduce my social media usage.
  • Build Failed Podcast: A brazilian podcast about iOS development and the software engineering industry that I created with two friends. We recorded 51 episodes together before I left to focus on other projects, but my friends still run it and I have been showing up every once in a while as a guest.
  • (a bunch of small iOS apps I created to solve very specific personal problems that are sadly not available anymore)
  • (a bunch of Unity games I made between 2012-2015 that are sadly not available anymore)

Open Source Projects / Contributions

  • Swift Programming Language (contributor): I've authored and implemented SE-0290 (Negative Availability, a.k.a #unavailable). I've also contributed with many bug fixes and improvements to the syntax highlighter and helped port some of its features to Swift's LSP when it was first announced.
  • SwiftShield (author): Compile-time code obfuscation for Swift apps. If I'm not mistaken SwiftShield was actually recommended by the OWASP Foundation and other iOS security experts at the time, though this has since stopped being the case as I lost interest in maintaining the project and recommended against its usage in production apps.
  • SwiftInfo (author): CLI that extracts and analyses metrics relevant to Swift apps such as app size, number of dependencies, number of warnings, and more.
  • WriteIt (author): Static HTML website generator for blogs. The tool that powers this very blog!
  • RouterService (author): Type-safe dependency injection framework for highly-modularized apps. A simplified version of actual DI frameworks used in Spotify and AirBnB.
  • (many small contributions to various open source projects not interesting enough to mention individually)
  • (many other small Swift frameworks not interesting enough to mention individually)