List of my Swift contributions

List of my Swift contributions

It's not much, but it's mine!

I keep this list as a personal motivator - Having merged commits in Swift used to be a dream of mine that I always shrugged off with the "I'm not good enough" excuse.

I eventually realized how this imposter syndrome was bad for me and managed to achieve my dream. Although you won't learn anything crazy here, I hope that it can give you the motivation to do something cool!

Given my articles, one would probably expect me to contribute mostly to the Swift Standard Library, but most of my contributions are actually to the C++ compiler - that's because the IDE section of the compiler is the cradle of my biggest open source project: SwiftShield.

In 2018-11, I patched SourceKit not recognizing operators that were defined inside types.
In 2018-11, I fixed a case where defining explicit types in enum cases prevented the type from being indexed.
In 2018-11, I fixed an indexing problem when the `is` pattern was matched with an optional.
In 2018-10, I fixed #keyPath failing to index when referencing types, and fixed it's code completion.
In 2018-10, I fixed Swift Keypaths failing to index when referencing @objc properties.
In 2018-09, In short, I gave Xcode the ability to detect and highlight references to modules.
In 2018-03, I added the following operators to Swift: &+=, &-= and &*=.

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