Future of SwiftRocks

Future of SwiftRocks

I started SwiftRocks in 2018 as a tool to help me improve my iOS development skills. I've figured out that one of the best ways to properly learn something is to attempt to teach the same thing to someone else, and a blog turned out to be a great way to do so. I didn't expect anyone to read these posts, and I'm incredibly grateful for how many people I was able to reach and the opportunities I got as a result. Thank you so much!

First of all, I'd like to apologize for slightly disappearing in the last couple of months. When I started doing sponsorships I said that I'd try to post content more frequently, but after a couple of months I actually started doing the opposite. The reason is because my priorities changed a lot over the last couple of years -- long-time SwiftRocks readers might know that I always described myself as a generalist, so even though I by all means work officially as an "iOS Developer", my work was never restricted to the iOS platform. In fact, I haven't worked with real old-school iOS "feature work" (view controllers, UI and so on) in over 4 years.

To add to that, my current work at Spotify is more related to the infrastructure and backend services that support the iOS app, so although I do write Swift code from time to time, keeping myself updated with the latest iOS/Swift news has progressively become unnecessary to me. What I mean by this is that although I've never stopped learning and coming up with new articles to write, the things I'm studying and working with wouldn't really fit SwiftRocks, which is why I have been moving away from it lately.

Another reason why I moved away from blogging lately is because I've been nurturing my passion for indie development. This is something I've always wanted to but avoided until now because I decided that I'd first improve other areas of my life and career before jumping into it, which I now consider a complete task.

In order to adapt myself and SwiftRocks to these priority changes and to keep everyone updated, here's what I'll work on from now:

  • Me and some friends will start doing indie product development in our free time. I hope to be able to create something you'll find useful!
  • Because nowadays my interests are more connected to general software engineering as opposed to just iOS development, I've created a new blog called rockbruno.com for all of my current and future non-iOS articles. That way I can maintain SwiftRocks as a place for iOS and Swift content, while also having a separate "software engineering" page that can work as a portfolio for my public talks, products and open source projects.
  • SwiftRocks will continue to exist, but since I expect that most of my new content will be about software engineering in general, it may not receive new content as frequently as before. Sorry :(

I'm extremely grateful for all the support you've given me, and I hope that you'll be able to enjoy my new content as well!